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Affordable Water Softeners in Ocala, The Villages, Gainesville, Orlando, & Altomonte Springs 

Get the only system made in the USA with both softening & filtration, a Dare to Compare Guarantee, an Excellent Warranty & mobile app monitoring!

As we speak, hardness minerals (such as calcium and magnesium) are slowly building up in your home on everything your water touches.

This includes  things like your water heater, your dish washer, your faucets, and even your skin…

It doesn’t matter if your water is from a well, or from the city supply, most homes in the US have hard water.

Few people know, but you can only remove hardness minerals from your water through ion exchange, which is what a water softener does.

Water filters are built to remove other contaminants, but not hardness minerals…

The EcoWater Softener is our best water softener. It softens all the water coming into your home before it has a chance to enter your appliances.

EcoWater water softener cutaway internal view

EcoWater All-in-One Water Softener System

Here’s what you can expect from an EcoWater whole home water softener:

  • Removes hardness minerals and sediment that make your skin dry and prematurely age your expensive appliances
  • Removes chlorine taste and odor by filtering your water with a built in coconut-shell carbon filter
  • Eliminates spots on silverware, glasses and dishes
  • Prevents scale build-up on pipes, faucets and water using appliances
  • Customizable to meet additional water treatment needs you may have

Financing and Rental options available!

How do you know if you have hard water?

washing machine element damaged by hard water

This is a washing machine heating element that’s been exposed to hard water

Here are some telltale signs…

  1. Your skin is dry and itchy and your hair is dull
  2. Your drinking glasses & stemware come out of the dishwasher with spots
  3. Your faucets and fixtures have a crust that’s hard to remove
  4. Your water heater takes forever to heat up, or you’ve prematurely had to replace or repair it
  5. Your whites are more like 50 shades of gray and your brights have lost their luster

What are the Benefits of Soft Water?

Softer Skin & Hair

Hard water minerals bond with skin and hair leaving a nasty film. Kind of like that limescale on your faucet! An EcoWater softener removes hardness minerals naturally so you can stop spending money on lotions & skin care products as your body becomes free of buildup!

Extend Appliance Life

Dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters (tankless, electric, & gas), ice makers, boiler systems, & humidifiers all suffer when your water contains hardness minerals. Their useful life may be greatly reduced because they are not designed to endure hard water.

It Can Pay for Itself

You can save up to 75% on cleaning products, as they are more effective and less are needed. You can also save up to 40% on energy costs related to your water-using appliances, and plus they last longer. Its harder to estimate the amount of savings you get when you no longer have to waste time scrubbing that scale off your shower doors, faucets, fixtures, dishes, & glassware.

No Hassle, No Obligation

Features of EcoWater softeners

Wireless Monitoring System – Control & monitor your water treatment system from your phone. EcoWater’s advanced HydroLink Plus® system gives you the power to monitor your water usage and it will let you know when to add salt so you don’t have to remember to check regularly. You can even choose to have alerts and diagnostics sent to your local EcoWater Pro, who will monitor the system and provide maintenance and service as needed. 

Patented Stratified Resin Bed – Layered mix of fine and standard size resin provides superior filtration and iron removal without sacrificing flow rate capability.

Multi-Wrap Fiberglass Reinforced Resin Tank – Durable fiberglass-wrapped tank liner, doesn’t deteriorate, rust or corrode.

Plus many other features available based on the model…


wireless water softener technology from ecowater

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Reviews Directly from Google

Rebecca Lambert
Rebecca Lambert
13:44 20 Nov 23
Great service!
Jerry Burke
Jerry Burke
23:04 13 Mar 23
Great people
Barbie Barden
Barbie Barden
23:25 19 Oct 22
Spoke to Melinda O'Dell she was so nice and informative very patient with me the place is awesome five stars
Stephen Hamilton
Stephen Hamilton
06:00 23 Oct 20
ECO Water Systems did a great job with the installation of our new water softener. They were quick and installed an excellent piece of equipment. I recommend them to everyone needing a water softener.
Sheryl Clinton
Sheryl Clinton
17:35 15 Oct 20
My husband and I moved to Ocala Fl a month ago, I noticed my laundry was coming out orange. I emailed Eco Water and their response was so quick, I received a call from Michael the owner himself!! He worked around my work schedule and came to my house himself.. He explained everything to me extremely well so I could understand within a couple days Jason installed my water softener while I was at work, he placed it in the perfect location.. Michael drove back out to my house after I got out of work to check everything out himself, checked my water and talked me through how to work the unit.. I was extremely impressed with the quality unit I received and the customer service is over the top!!! I would definitely recommend Eco Water to EVERYONE!! Thank you again Michael great job! One happy customer 5 stars all the way!!
Brenda Thompson
Brenda Thompson
15:52 07 Oct 20
I started looking at home water filtration systems several weeks after moving to Florida. After some investigation, I discovered that the itching and burning that I was experiencing all over my body was coming from the high level of chlorine that is in the water. I have to give this company five stars! From start to finish, everyone at EcoWater was professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. John T. and Jason (installer) are given high marks for their explanation and installation of the water system we chose for our home. The price was more than fair and they didn't try to sell us a yearly maintenance contract that is not needed for this system. I would highly recommend going with this company if you are looking at getting rid of the chlorine and hard water in your home.
Chris Soucy
Chris Soucy
16:02 04 Sep 20
These guys are awesome. Andy Koehler to be more specific. Super knowledgeable and passionate. I've used them twice now. Our machine works as advertised and their customer service is 2nd to none. Always super responsive and helpful. Thanks again guys for everything!
Noelia Valentine
Noelia Valentine
02:25 07 Aug 20
I was extremely impressed first with Andy Koehler, salesperson and then Jason Yandle, installer. Andy explained in detail the water softener system that would work for our house. Jason did the installation and he was very personable and we loved his sense of humor as he installed the water softener and then gave my husband and I all the information we needed on how the system works. I would definitely recommend EcoWater of North Florida. Great customer service! And I’m happy that this water softener will keep my hair, skin, soft and my clothes will smell clean and my appliances will last longer. Thank you EcoWater of North Florida!
Rabbit 0
Rabbit 0
00:30 02 Aug 20
Jason came to install a water softener system in our garage. He was prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. He also installed a drinking water system under my kitchen sink. I was given full instructions, and a mini lesson on both systems. I would highly recommend using this company, and I would also say that Jason was very competent in his job, as well as friendly and personable.
Ana E
Ana E
19:44 22 Jul 20
Absolutely had a 5 star experience! We bought a house that had a 'hidden' sulfur odor problem that wasn't detected during the home inspection. We only discovered how severe it was once we moved in and the temporary fix the previous owners had used had worn off. We had Ecowater install a sulfur treatment system and while they were here we added in a Reverse Osmosis system. Now our water is amazing, and we couldn't be happier!! Also, I have to mention the awesome customer service, and Andy was always very responsive to my calls with questions, even the time when I came home from work and discovered our water wasn't working! Thank you everyone!!
15:53 22 May 20
We would like recognition for your employee Jason Yandle. We highly rate his customer service . He gave great effort on answering any concerns or questions on our new system. thank you
Stephen M
Stephen M
19:25 11 May 20
Simply fantastic service and a great product. We dealt with Andy Koehler, and he did a wonderful job of explaining the different systems and set ups they offered. After making sure we understood everything, Andy walked us through every step of the way straight through installation. We could not be more pleased with the system as it functions far better at softening and filtering our water than the old water softener and filter we bought at a big box store. If you are even a little bit curious on whether or not the quality of your water can be improved, call Andy!
Steven Thesman
Steven Thesman
21:43 09 Apr 20
Well, I’m a guy who appreciates good Service and I’m here to tell you that Kelly and Jason are top notch. It’s a pleasure to deal with both of them. Jason’s knowledge of a WaterSoftener is excellent and her fun to be around.Steven
Rean Morse
Rean Morse
15:18 06 Apr 20
Jason did a great job! He knew what was wrong and had it fixed quickly. Great company! We have been with them for 9 years and have recommended them to all our neighbors, who are equally pleased with their products and service. This is a case of you get what you pay for. There is no "ok" choice for treating your water. You want only the best. They are it.
Andoni Molina Blanco
Andoni Molina Blanco
20:45 17 Mar 20
The system is definitely the best out there, we got ours through CostCo, the tech Andy Koehler explained everything to us and offered two alternatives. We decided to install the ERR3700 model that offers lifetime warranty on media. We have definitely seen a huge improvement in our water, which can be seen in our large shower glass and more importantly in our skin, that use to look dry and cracked, in need of constant body lotion. The only thing I would improve is offering a cover for those of us installing outside. Do not hesitate and give them a call!
01:23 24 Feb 20
It's working now. Thank you Larry!
William Dvorak
William Dvorak
15:06 17 Feb 20
Very happy and satisfied with the water refiner system, installation process and EcoWater of Central Florida. From the very start of the process, it was an excellent experience. Appreciate all of the time Andy took to explain the products to me and his advice on the various systems. The installation by Jason went smoothly and also appreciate that he took the time to help me set up the app and insured I was set to go. I’m very happy with the new system and recommend this company based on my experience.
Brian Fisher
Brian Fisher
16:41 31 Jan 20
Jason installed a new softener for both my house and my dads house. The service was outstanding and Jason was very personable, honest, and gave valuable advice and recommendation. This is a first class company and would recommend them to everyone.
Kurt Andreaus
Kurt Andreaus
23:59 14 Dec 18
I was having an issue with my water softner. It was draining water all over the floor of the room it was located in. I called a company that wanted $90 to come out and check the softner. I called Ecowater Systems and they came out for $40 found the problem was a clogged drain going into the ground. They cut the line just above the ground line and fixed the problem. I am very grateful. They didn't try and sell me a rebuild kit or a new water softner. They simply charged the $42.75 for a 10 point inspection and reset and regenerated the softner. When we need service in the future we will be sure to call Ecowater Systems. The tech Larry was great and explained everything. Thank YOU!!!!!
17:20 13 Jul 17
Tucker was very informative and helpful in assessing our water problems and solutions. He set up the installation of our system quickly and the work was done as promised on time and efficiently. What more can you expect. So far we are impressed with their system and customer service.
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Frequent Questions

How do I choose a water softener?

Softeners aren’t one size fits all. That’s where we can start to help you. Based on the size of your household and your typical water usage, we can determine which softener size you’ll need.

Sizing is an important step, as it ensures there is enough capacity to handle your needs  and not so much capacity that it creates waste.

From there, you can choose additional features to make your life easier or to meet additional water treatment needs based on the results of your water test.

How much does a water softener cost?

This will depend on the size, features, and your particular installation. The best way to get pricing is to call so that you can get it properly sized.

Pricing includes the new equipment, the installation and proper setup, so that it meets your expectations.

A water softener can potentially pay for itself over time with savings on detergents, soaps, and cleaning supplies, reductions in energy usage and the extended life of your water-using appliances. Water heaters tend to suffer the most in hard water, and they are expensive to replace.

Why not just buy a softener from a big box store or online retailer?

Big box stores sell softeners that are made with lower quality parts to reduce the price, even if you get name brand.

You will still have to hire a local plumber to do the install, unless you are quite knowledgeable in plumbing.

It can be difficult to get any warranty work done from a big box store, and often there is no warranty from online retailers.

In either case, you will usually just get referred to a local plumber who may not necessarily have knowledge of your specific equipment.

So essentially you are on your own once it reaches your house.

What are the next steps?

You send us your contact info through one of the forms on this page, or give us a call directly.

We ask you a few questions to help get you the right equipment so you get what you expect from your water.

If you’re not sure what is wong with your water. We will schedule a convenient time to come out and test it for you (free of charge), and if it looks good, we can leave it at that.

However, if you already know you have hard water, or the test shows you do, we can give you a price quote on the properly sized water softener.

If you’re satisfied, we schedule a convenient time to come out and install and set up your new water softner.

What is a Dare to Compare Guarantee?

It is a guarantee that for 30 days after you purchase an EcoWater softener, if you find an equal or better softener (regardless of price) with the same technical performance specs, warranty, consumer protection etc. (for fairness of comparison), you will get your money back and keep the system free.

In less words, EcoWater is confident that they provide the best softener with the best guarantees, so you don’t have to worry about your purchase.

What is covered by the Warranty?

This depends on the model and features you get.

To keep it simple, it’s best just to ask us when you are choosing your softener.

How do I maintain my softener?

You’ll be able to monitor your softener’s usage and the salt levels via the mobile app. When the salt gets low the app will notify you. Then you just purchase softener salt and refill it.

If you prefer the less manual route, you can schedule a salt delivery with us. We’ll deliver the salt and fill your softener for you.

Frequency of salt refill really depends on your household’s water usage and the efficiency of the softener (EcoWater are extremely efficient). In an average household, a softener can go 2 to 4 months on a refill.

What happens if I need help with my softener?

Just give us a call, our direct number is here on this page and most of the pages of our site. You will reach a local technician who can answer your questions, or you will be able to schedule us to come out and help.

Why should I choose to work with you?

Because we care. Try and get that from an online retailer or a big box store.

We would be proud to be your trusted advisor and go-to for your water treatment needs, to keep you and your family healthy and happy.

Still Have Questions?

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