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Why Partner with EcoWater of North Florida for Better Water?

It’s simple… the science.

Here at EcoWater of North Florida , we use only EcoWater systems.

With a legacy exceeding 80 years, EcoWater systems are built on best-in-class technological innovation. EcoWater continues to set the standard for the water treatment industry. Today, as the world’s largest manufacturer of residential water treatment systems, EcoWater’s products–combined with our expertise at EcoWater of North Florida –are the second to none when it comes to improving the quality of your water.

    With an EcoWater system from EcoWater of North Florida, you get:

      • Exclusive, patented, proven technology to improve the quality of your water.
      • Dealers who are water treatment professionals – not just plumbers or retailers.
      • A full line of reverse osmosis water filters for clear, clean drinking water.
      • Products specifically designed for municipal, rural, or problem water.
      • A full line of water softeners and filters to improve your water quality for bathing, laundry, and appliances.
      • Dealers who provide installation and exceptional customer service.
      • Highly-efficient electronic digital demand and memory to reduce salt, water, and electricity.
      • Convenient and easy to operate electronics.
      • Wireless remote monitoring of salt level and operation so you don’t have to remember to check.
      • EASE™ phone-and-fix technology to eliminate unnecessary service calls.
      • Patented stratified resin bed and washed quartz underbedding for efficient water treatment.
      • Patented valve with Teflon® double-disc for improved performance and durability.
      • Counter-current regeneration to remove hardness, not deposit it on the bottom of the tank.
      • Refiner option to remove unwanted chlorine taste and odor from your supply.
      • The most comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty in the business

        Water conditioners, refiners, & filters

        EcoWater Systems line of water conditioners, refiners, and filters are the most innovative, highest-quality products on the market. With an array of exclusive features. We know not all water is the same. That’s why EcoWater of North Florida can test your water to identify the right product for you. Regardless of your water conditions, EcoWater of North Florida offers the appropriate solutions.

        Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration

        The perfect complement to an EcoWater System refiner or softener for the water-conscious family is an EcoWater reverse osmosis drinking water system. Our exclusive line of reverse osmosis systems are specifically designed to provide clean, clear, better-tasting drinking water by removing more than 95% of dissolved solids including many harmful contaminants. Now you can have bottle-quality water at your tap.

        With an EcoWater RO system you get:

        • Three or four-stage water filtration.
        • Semi-permeable membranes to reject solids.
        • Specially formulated pre-and post-filters to reduce contaminants, eliminate odors, and improve taste.
        • Automatic shut-off to conserve water.
        • Optional electronic monitor to alert you when filters need changing.
        • Space-saving designs.

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        Ian Miller
        Ian Miller
        14:58 16 Apr 24
        Jason was extremely helpful and knowledge
        Angi Snipes
        Angi Snipes
        15:25 15 Apr 24
        Jason did an amazing job today installing our water softener and reverse osmosis system. He was very professional and very helpful! Thanks for everything!
        Daniel H
        Daniel H
        15:08 11 Apr 24
        Jason was so thorough and professional and took his time explaining everything to my husband and I as we brought our softener with us in our cross country move and our system is now fully in use again. We will recommend him to all our neighbors. We appreciate the help provided us. Super happy customers
        Trevor Joike
        Trevor Joike
        15:44 10 Apr 24
        Had Ecosystem move my water softener system from my old house to my new house. Jay was the technician that came out and moved the softener for us. He was very professional, helpful and explained the entire process clearly and effectively. I highly recommend Jay and he is one of the best, if not the best, technician I have ever experienced. He was not in a hurry to just finish the job and made sure everything was done correctly! Thank you Jay!
        Bradley L
        Bradley L
        15:01 09 Apr 24
        Jason did an excellent job with everything!
        Carl Schneider
        Carl Schneider
        17:26 08 Apr 24
        I want to congratulate Jason Yandle, who came out to do a yearly inspection on our water softener. He immediately recognized that it had been a while since we had it inspected. He showed us the water contents and explained everything to us. We Went ahead and had it replaced. Jason was professional, knowledgeable and explained everything to us.
        Matt Mikula
        Matt Mikula
        18:13 04 Apr 24
        Jason came out today and did an awesome job installed the system in the corner of the garage out of the way just like I wanted great job!!
        Santosh Savel
        Santosh Savel
        14:16 03 Apr 24
        Jason was great, excellent service all around.
        Karen Deklinski
        Karen Deklinski
        16:57 29 Mar 24
        Jason was extremely professional, arrived early, finished early and super knowledgeable
        Jay D.
        Jay D.
        15:32 28 Mar 24
        Excellent service! The unit works beautifully, and my water is clean and soft.Installer is as polite, knowledgeable, and fully prepared for the job. 👍
        Eduardo Pena
        Eduardo Pena
        15:45 21 Feb 24
        Jason came out to install our EcoWater system. He was on time, professional and extremely pleasant. He installed everything meticulously and helped my wife setup the system Wi-Fi app on her phone. I would highly recommend EcoWater to anyone needing a home water system.
        C J
        C J
        16:04 13 Feb 24
        Extremely efficient and courtesy to our needs!
        Denise Campbell
        Denise Campbell
        17:26 09 Feb 24
        Jason is fantastic! Professional, quickly diagnosed our issue and was pleasant! Our water tastes amazing! Thank you Jason and EcoWater!
        Lise Stevens
        Lise Stevens
        15:54 07 Feb 24
        The tech, Jason Yandle, was informative and thorough. John, from Sales, led us to incorrect location, which we cleared plants & leveled, but water was elsewhere. Thank goodness we didn't drill house for electrical. Jason found water main to the house and installed.
        Harley Lambert
        Harley Lambert
        12:33 07 Feb 24
        Amazing water treatment company, technicians knows what they are installing and know how to answer all your questions. Very professional.
        joe Small
        joe Small
        23:18 05 Feb 24
        Outstanding service and very affordable, would definitely recommend 😊
        Chris Ulrich
        Chris Ulrich
        23:27 06 Jan 24
        Great water testers!!
        Rebecca Lambert
        Rebecca Lambert
        13:44 20 Nov 23
        Great service!
        Jerry Burke
        Jerry Burke
        23:04 13 Mar 23
        Great people
        Barbie Barden
        Barbie Barden
        23:25 19 Oct 22
        Spoke to Melinda O'Dell she was so nice and informative very patient with me the place is awesome five stars
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        Where to buy ecowater replacement filters?

        Buy ecowater replacement filters through your local EcoWater Dealer. Contact EcoWater of North Florida today at (352) 292-1819 to schedule a filter delivery and/or installation of your new filter.

        Where to buy ecowater salt?

        Buy ecowater salt through your local EcoWater Dealer. Contact EcoWater of North Florida today at (352) 292-1819 to schedule a water softener salt delivery.

        How much does ecowater systems cost?

        Ecowater systems cost anywhere from $1,000 for a high end water treatment system to $5,000 for a whole home water treatment system with installation costs ranging between $100-$500, again depending upon the system you choose to have installed. Call EcoWater of North Florida today at (352) 292-1819 to schedule a free water test, the first step in identifying which system will best suit your home and serve your family.